Module V: A Growing Market: Organic Agriculture

This module is designed to be taught in as little as 5 hours of class time. However, if you take advantage of the student project options and more in-depth activities, the unit will take up to 15 hours of class time. Thus, each section can be presented in one classroom hour, or it can be expanded.

This module builds on the concepts presented in Module 1, “Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture.” If students are not already familiar with the ideas in Module 1, teachers should begin by presenting sections 1 and 2 of Module 1. This material can be presented in two classroom hours.

Guiding questions for Module V:

  1. What is organic agriculture?
  2. What is sustainable about organic agriculture? What is not sustainable?
  3. What is the future of organic agriculture?

List of Contents for Module V:

Section A: What is Organic Agriculture?

Section B: Real People, Real Farms – Case Studies

Section C: The Agroecology of Organic Agriculture

Section D: The Economics of Organic Agriculture

Section E: Beyond Organic


Evaluation Materials

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