UW Organic Field Day

Date: September 2, 2015, 9:30am-2:30pm
Location: Arlington Agricultural Research Station

UW Organic Vegetable Field Day

Date: September 8, 2015, 4-7pm
Location: Verona, WI

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers: Wisconsin Grower Intensive

Date: October 4-6, 2015
Location: Sheraton Madison Hotel, Madison, WI

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CIAS Mini-Grants Support Graduate Student Research in Sustainable Agriculture

CIAS supports innovative graduate student research addressing the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized farms and food businesses. Awarded annually, our competitive mini-grants aid students as they initiate their research in sustainable agriculture and food systems. more

CIAS Eco-Fruit Program Receives Wisconsin Idea Award

Since 2000, the CIAS Eco-Fruit program has been helping growers reduce or eliminate risk from pesticides by using IPM. Participating growers have reduced their pesticide risk by 46 percent and increased their reliance on IPM strategies by 54 percent. more


Northern Nut Growers Conference Features Wisconsin Hazelnut Production

The Northern Nut Growers Association (NNGA), in partnership with CIAS and UW-Extension, held the 106th NNGA conference in La Crosse, July 27-29. About 150 participants from across the country gathered for three days to talk about the business of nut production, processing and marketing in the context of agroforestry and perennialization. more

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Organic Agriculture in Wisconsin: 2012 Status Report

Posted February 2012


Wisconsin boasts the second largest number of organic farms in the U.S., ranks first among the states for the number of organic dairy and beef farms, and is third in the nation for organic vegetable farms. Organic Agriculture in Wisconsin: 2012 Status Report provides a wealth of information on the opportunities and challenges facing Wisconsin’s organic farms and processors.

Download the full report:
Organic Agriculture in Wisconsin: 2012 Status Report (low-resolution PDF; 2.5 MB)

Download the report by chapter (high-resolution PDF files):
Cover and Table of contents
Foreword and Statement by the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council
Executive summary
Organic agriculture in Wisconsin by the numbers
USDA organic agriculture programs
Growing demand for organic food: A bright spot in a tough economy
Organic dairy and livestock markets impacted by organic grain shortage
Wisconsin’s organic vegetable farms: A snapshot
Processing adds value and profit to Wisconsin’s organic industry
Appendix A: The Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council
Appendix B: Active UW-Madison organic research
Appendix C: Resources and organizations

Download figures from this report (medium-resolution jpg files):
Figure 1: Top five states in number of organic farms, 2008
Figure 2: Top five states in number of organic dairy farms, 2008
Figure 3: Top five states in number of organic beef farms, 2008
Figure 4: Top five states in number of organic vegetable/melon farms, 2008
Figure 5: Top five states in number of organic berry farms, 2008
Figure 6: Top five states in number of organic fruit/tree nut farms, 2008
Figure 7: Field crops for which Wisconsin ranks first in total of number of farms, showing total number of farms and number of farms with organic sales, 2008
Figure 8: Map of Wisconsin certified organic farms and processors/handlers
Figure 9: Map showing distribution of certified organic farms in Wisconsin
Figure 10: Growth in number of certified organic farms in Wisconsin, 2005-2011
Figure 11: Top six states in organic sales, 2008
Figure 12: Wisconsin organic sales by product, 2008
Figure 13: Top five states in organic milk sales, 2008
Figure 14: Top five states in organic vegetable/melon sales plus Wisconsin (#10), 2008
Figure 15: Top five states in organic berry sales, 2008
Figure 16: Top states in total number of organic farms and total value of organic sales, 2008
Figure 17: Top states in number of organic dairy farms and value of organic milk sales, 2008
Figure 18: Top states in number of organic farms selling at the local, regional, national and international scales, 2008
Figure 19: Top seven states in dollar value of value added organic sales, 2008
Figure 20: Wisconsin organic processors by gross annual sales, survey of 30 companies