MOSES Organic Farming Conference

Date: Feb. 23-25, 2017
Location: La Crossse, WI

Midwest School for Beginning Apple Growers

Date: March 10-12, 2017
Location: UW-Madison campus

Food Sovereignty Symposium and Festival

Date: March 10-12, 2017
Location: UW-Madison

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The Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers: Keeping the Dream of Farming Alive

As older farmers retire, fewer young farmers are stepping in to take their place. The number of beginning farmers dropped 20 percent in the last five-year census period, and the average US farmer now tops 58 years of age. more

CIAS Mini-Grants Support Graduate Student Research in Sustainable Agriculture

CIAS supports innovative graduate student research addressing the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized farms and food businesses. Awarded annually, our competitive mini-grants aid students as they initiate their research in sustainable agriculture and food systems. more


UW-Madison Highlights Partnership with Stoney Acres Farm

Kat Becker and Tony Schultz, who own and operate Stoney Acres Farm in Marathon County, are featured in a UW-Madison campaign to show how partnerships with citizens and businesses are furthering the Wisconsin Idea in each of the state's 72 counties. more

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Dairy Goat Enterprise Budget

Posted June 2004

petting a goatCIAS has developed a spreadsheet to help farmers make financial and management decisions about new or existing dairy goat enterprises. It is applicable to most kinds and sizes of enterprises.

This budget was developed using Microsoft Excel 2000. If you are running a much earlier version of Excel and can not open this file, please contact Don Schuster at schuster@aae.wisc.edu. When you contact him, please tell him what version of Excel you are running. If you do not have Excel, we recommend that you contact your county Extension agent for help. Alternatively, you could try to access this file from a computer at your nearest high school, coummunity college, or public library.

“Suggestions for Use” are also linked here as a PDF file. It is strongly suggested that you read these suggestions very carefully before filling out the spreadsheet. These suggestions, and the budget, were created for farmers with a basic farm management background.

The budget form might seem long and complex, at first glance. However, it is not! The reason for all the potential entries is that the budget has been designed to serve many different types and kinds of people as well as enterprises. Most people will only use a fraction of the budget. Select the entries that best fit your situation.

You will need to save a copy of the enterprise budget on your own computer in order to add your own figures. If you have any questions about this, please contact Cris Carusi at cecarusi@facstaff.wisc.edu.

Dairy Goat Budget (Microsoft Excel 2000 file)

Suggestions for Use (PDF file)